Julidans presenteert: Songs from my life
De Warme Winkel & De Brakke Grond
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Julidans presenteert: Songs from my life


What a better way to close our evening than with a nice concert, moving our bodies and letting ourselves go to the rhythm of the beat?

Countertenor ARIAH LESTER strikes with a new performative concert where he brings a repertoire of songs: from some of his shows, from his music project, some already known, some unheard, and some new stuff; all goes in the blender this time. In this tropical ‘smoothie’ he brings worlds together; Venezuelan and South American Folklore, soul and pop-music. Every tune and the overall of the concert is a journey of flavours, cultures and sensuality.

In between tunes ARIAH talks about the insides behind the writing of each song: migration, empowerment and also some heart-braking love. His storytelling is warm, his stories vibrant, funny, very personal, and at the same time a mirror where you will find yourself reflected. ARIAH will look into your eyes and make you feel ‘gezellig’ and close to yourself.

A show that walks on the invisible line between the intimate and the stardom.

ARIAH plays for the first time with his new band member Edgar Elstak (keys), they will also try some new ideas as a preview of his upcoming work ‘VIAJERO DEL AMOR (A Lover’s Journey)’ in collaboration with Theater Rotterdam, which premieres 26th and 27th of September at the Operadagen weekend, in Rotterdam.